There are 24 beautiful BookBenches to discover – each designed and painted by a professional artist inspired by the life and work of Jane Austen. As you can see there is incredible variety in theme, colour and style – which is your favourite?

This design celebrates not only Jane Austen, but her contemporary female novelists that were pioneers in their time for their independence and creativity. This BookBench overlooks Jane's final resting.... more
This BookBench was inspired by the countryside around Chawton, a place where Jane was happy and productive, imagine her on afternoon walks with her sister Cassandra through the woods. The colours and .... more
This design was a collaboration of students from Treloar College that brings together themes and styles from Jane Austen's time. Like the design, our sponsors are a collaboration of businesses and org.... more
The artist of this BookBench lives a few fields from where Jane Austen was born and the design is inspired by lacemaking and thoughts of invisible threads that connect us all. It is especially appropr.... more
This design was inspired by regency dancing and the balls that Jane and characters in her novels attended, with a backdrop of a manuscript from her last fully completed novel, Persuasion. She was know.... more
This design is based on the famous Willow pattern that was first produced in Stoke on Trent in the 1780s and was very fashionable in Jane Austen's time. Imagine Jane enjoying her tea from a fine china.... more
This elegant, classic and detailed design with a timeline of Jane Austen's novels has a real regency style. Sit here, look around and contemplate the landscape and the things that have changed and the.... more
This design depicts the colours and furnishings of a regency drawing room, with the back including busts of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy. Jane Austen often visited Worting House and attended dances .... more
This fun design was inspired by Mr Darcy - 'The Perfect Man'. A happy doodle-like androgynous figure that we can all identify with sits on a sofa waiting for their Mr Right. As well as being the perfe.... more
This BookBench uses a silhouette, very popular in the regency period and Jane's favourite colour, turquoise, to celebrate her love of dancing and the importance of dancing in her love stories. This is.... more
Jane invites us to pause in our hectic lives, sit on her BookBench and rest our eyes on nature. Here in the village centre, you can imagine Jane coming to shop and post her letters. De La Rue, the .... more
Austen empowers women, and the bright colours of this BookBench and its comic book style are a fun way to celebrate Jane Austens super-heroines! A positive message of strength and vibrancy to emphasis.... more