Willow Pattern

Location: The Walled Garden

Sponsor: Destination Basingstoke

Artist: Julia Brooker

Willow Pattern

This design is based on the famous Willow pattern that was first produced in Stoke on Trent in the 1780s and was very fashionable in Jane Austen’s time. Imagine Jane enjoying her tea from a fine china cup decorated with a love story. She may even have drunk tea near here, as we know the Austens’ were acquaintances of the family at Down Grange House, this was their kitchen garden.

This BookBench is sponsored by destination Basingstoke the not-for-profit company that is delivering Sitting With Jane asĀ  part of its programme of projects to raise the profile of Basingstoke’ great quality of life.

The BookBench is set in a charming hidden gem – a walled garden within the Down Grange Sports complex – follow the access road around the athletics track and park near the Maidenwell Pavilion. The BookBench is on your right as you enter the grand garden gates. The garden is locked in the evening and at weekends.