Look Upon Verdure

Location: Overton Village centre

Sponsor: De La Rue

Artist: Lois Cordelia

Look Upon Verdure

Jane invites us to pause in our hectic lives, sit on her BookBench and rest our eyes on nature. Here in the village centre, you can imagine Jane coming to shop and post her letters.

De La Rue, the global secure solutions provider has its head office at Viables in Basingstoke and high security paper mill in Overton. De La Rue is sponsoring two BookBenches, one in each of these locations; they believe that Sitting With Jane is a very creative way to celebrate our local heritage.

The BookBench is right in the village centre outside the community centre near the crossroads with traffic lights. There are a number of parking options in the village – look for Parking signs, or else use street parking. There are a number of pubs, cafes and restaurants in the village as well independent shops to explore.