Big Money Links for Jane Austen Project

The Royal Mint and De La Rue to support ‘Sitting With Jane’ in Basingstoke

Destination Basingstoke has revealed that two of the sponsors involved with ‘Sitting With Jane’ the BookBench project for 2017, have very special reasons for wanting to be involved with the Jane Austen project.

With its head office at Viables in Basingstoke and high security paper mill in Overton, De La Rue is sponsoring two BookBenches. De La Rue designed, and will be producing the new £10 note later this year which features a portrait of Jane Austen.

“Sitting With Jane is a very creative way to celebrate our local heritage. We are proud of our award-winning design department that is involved in the creation and realisation of banknotes, passports and other secure documents and so are delighted to be associated with something that we hope will inspire residents, staff and visitors alike”, said Amanda Wiltshire from De La Rue

Similarly The Royal Mint, based in Llantrisant, South Wales, are also sponsoring a BookBench. It will feature their own design incorporating sketches from the original storyboard for the new 2017 Jane Austen £2 coin, which will be released in both commemorative and circulating form, this summer.

“We are delighted to be involved with such an illustrative way of celebrating of the life of Jane Austen. The BookBench project presents us with the perfect opportunity to explore the pages of Royal Mint designer, Dominique Evans, to share with the public some of the ideas and concepts that evolved out of her painstaking research and development for the final coin design ”, said Chief Engraver Gordon Summers from The Royal Mint.

“We will soon all have images of Jane Austen in our purses and wallets, they will be an everyday reminder of the significance of Jane Austen as part of our national heritage. Sitting With Jane will be a wonderful way to celebrate the local connections too, and we are delighted that both De La Rue and The Royal Mint are supporting our initiative to bring Jane back to her roots in and around Basingstoke”, said Felicity Edwards from Destination Basingstoke.

The ‘Wild in Art’ event, delivered by Destination Basingstoke and in association with Festival Place, is a public art trail that will be staged in the summer of 2017.

The artists’ designs will be painted onto a template ‘BookBench’, that acts as a 3D canvas – making the finished piece, not only a work of art, but an attractive piece of street furniture that will be accessible for all to see and sit on, to contemplate the artist, Jane Austen or the scene and landscape where it is located. It will form part of a worldwide celebration of Jane Austen’s life, and the ‘Jane Austen 200 – A life in Hampshire’ event spearheaded by Hampshire Cultural Trust, and is one of many exciting and creative projects in Basingstoke and the surrounding area planned for 2017.