Traci Moss

Traci Moss is a painter, sculptor, maker and teacher who is based in West Sussex. She equally enjoys making new pieces, working on commissions, exhibiting or supporting others to be creative and confident in their abilities.

Traci’s paintings and sculptures want to make you stop and look and to remind you that there is a lot to smile about in life, regardless of any difficulties you may have.  She produces both indoor and outdoor pieces,  using a variety of materials in a variety of ways. Her art is happy in any setting – be it gallery, home, garden, public space or corporate environment.

The ideas behind Traci’s work have often come from simply observing people, places and occurrences that have either blighted or enhanced her existence or experiences that have impacted her or others in one way or another.  Her work is influenced by both wrongness and rightness. Some may appear to be a little ‘quirky’, some just outright joyful, others a happy mixture of the two.

Living and working in South Africa for ten years, Traci absorbed the joy, the colour and the pattern of the vibrant cultures around her as well as some things that were not so nice. She says that she is drawn to naïve art, tribal art (particularly Ndebele dolls) and the honesty of children’s art – especially before a teacher tells them ‘No, that’s not how you do it’.

Traci likes to make people smile with her work and is also a born romantic who loves nothing more than a happy ending! Her bookbench design was inspired by Mr Darcy – “the Perfect Man”. A doodle-like androgynous figure sits on a sofa waiting ( and wishing and hoping) for their Mr Right, their Mr Darcy, to come along. Traci’s design and colour palette of only bright red, black and white wants to denote no specific age, gender or race so that all can identify with this simple yet bold and cheerfully quirky look at life and love.