Sian Storey

Sian Storey is a Basingstoke based artist who is passionate about paint.

sian-storey-artHer work sits somewhere between fact and fiction. The fact parts of her paintings are the recognisable things: birds, animals and women. The fiction part is the vibrant colour, spray paint mists, pattern, blossoms brush marks and the layers in her paintings. Sian’s process is deliberate as she is drawn to mythology and folklore. She enjoys stories of familiar things that have dreamlike qualities and she thrives on imagination.

She mainly works from found images, and is particularly drawn to colour, ethnic pattern, flora and fauna, and beautiful pictures. She keeps scrapbooks of images and photos that she has collected on her travels and these are directly referenced in her paintings.

image3-3Her tools vary depending on the type of image she is making, although her favourite tools are a spray can and a paintbrush. She also uses decorative ethnic papers to collage into her work.

Sian’s work has been featured in national media, including: the Independent on Sunday newspaper, The Metro newspaper, the BBC website, the Telegraph website, and the Time Out London blog site.

She is a versatile artist with experience of working on large scale projects such as stage sets and murals. Recent projects include work for The Green Party, Hampton Court Palace and Marwell Zoo.

Currently her work can be viewed at Reem Gallery, Camberley and That Gallery, Festival Place, Basingstoke.