Katy Stevens

Katy Stevens is the creator of ‘Doodles’, a community based art gallery and creative workshop centre in her local town of Tadley and is a confident and creative artist in her own right.

She paints with oils, acrylics and mixed media creating stunning compositions that use vivid colours, textures and finishes to create a distinctive and magical style. With her background in graphic design, her compositions always have a strong sense of design and style and her love of nature and colour are a distinctive element within her work. Her often large scale pieces contain a rich tapestry of textures and finishes.

‘Beyond the Birdcage’ focuses on Jane Austen as a writer foremost but also as a groundbreaking woman of her time.

The birdcage represents the restrictions felt by women of her time and the birds flying ‘beyond the birdcage’ symbolise the beginning of a new freedom inspired by Austen for women to begin to make their own choices in life and experience a new independence, both emotionally and financially.

Her writing was romantic, passionate and endlessly positive and I wanted to reflect this both in the quote I have used and with the passionate vibrancy of colour within my design. The flowers are synonymous with love and romance and can be found in country gardens everywhere in and around Hampshire… honeysuckle, foxgloves, poppies and passion flowers.

My design utilises a rich tapestry of colours and oppulent gold leaf accents.