Jane Veveris Callan

Jane is a painter printmaker based in Bath, she creates studio work often inspired by nature and has been involved in producing work for Public Art Trails for nearly 10 years.

‘The House That Jane Built’ is painted as a Regency style dolls house. I thought it would be fun to celebrate Jane Austen’s work and life by creating a miniature period interior and filling it with the kind of characters that inhabit her books. Rather than choose just one place and a specific story, I decided to make the house and dolls in it, typical of the places and people across all her stories. In this way the ‘House’ that Jane built represents the whole literary world that she created.

I really enjoyed researching the period and reading her wonderful books again to find details for this design. I did have certain characters in mind for some of the dolls, I hope the public have fun wondering which characters the dolls might be!