Fatima Pantoja

I am from Spain. After I finished my Fine Arts degree I moved to the UK to learn English 6 years ago. Currently I work as a Freelance Artist and Art teacher.

My artwork style and the techniques I use change all the time. I try to keep in an uncomfortable zone as much as possible and push my own boundaries while avoiding being classified.

I want my work to be able to make people see the beauty and wonder of every day apparent routine, to enjoy the colours, the light, the strokes… I want my work to make people tickle.

For this design I did quite a bit of research. I did know Jane Austen’s work but

sometimes is difficult to remember that she is not a contemporary… so strong and

independent. In my design I put Jane Austen working on her studio, hiding away (women were not

suppose to be writers then!). A never-ending paper and the landscape with

fountain pen tree talk about her ability to create manuscripts. The colours reflect her

strength and the vibrancy of her ideas clashing with the époque’s archetypes.

The plants, some of them cactus bloomed describe parts of her personality to those

not worth of her time for whose she was sharp and concise.

She is sat on her “sofa”, the one she used to made herself putting different chairs

together where she used to work sometimes until exhaustion.