Dominique Evans Royal Mint Designer

Dominique Evans is one of The Royal Mint’s team of graphic designers. After studying Graphic Design at the University of Brighton she has had a diverse career, fostering her love for fashion, interior design and product design while working across a variety of fields. For 12 years she has brought her talents to her role as a graphic designer at The Royal Mint, bringing to life the rich and interesting stories behind coins and medals. Her first design for The Royal Mint was for a Bullion coin commemorating the Gold Standard. This is her first circulating coin design.

“From the first brief, through to the final design, it was a delight to research Jane Austen’s life in detail, immersing myself in her books, her wealth of colourful characters and the romance. With the passing years I find myself having a stronger fondness for the past and for exploring different eras. The Regency period is especially elegant and rich to admire.

 It struck me that, whether on a crowded train, in a busy classroom, cosy book nook or on a TV screen, the words and characters enjoyed the world over have been created by one pen, one hand and one mind – Jane Austen.

A silhouette of Jane is thus central to the design I created. She is such a fundamental part of literary history, even more so now that she will be in the hands and minds of the nation on a coin. I felt it appropriate to have the writer at the heart of the design, maintaining the air of simplicity and grace she deserves.

I thought it fitting to place a frame around her silhouette, and, as this coin is bi-colour, it effortlessly lends itself to this feature. To complete the design, stripes have been placed underneath the text to set the frame, as though on a Regency era wall.

I imagined the framed silhouette in one of the houses featured in Jane Austen’s books, on the wall of a corridor as guests pass by to attend a dance, perhaps in Pride and Prejudice or on the wall in the home of Emma.