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Artists have now been commissioned to design and paint BookBenches for Destination Basingstoke’s ‘Sitting With Jane’ project to celebrate Jane Austen’s life in and around Basingstoke, where she was born and lived half her life.

The Wild In Art event, delivered by Destination Basingstoke and in association with Festival Place, is a public art trail that will be staged in the summer of 2017.

The artists’ designs will painted onto a template ‘BookBench’, that acts as a 3D canvas – making the finished piece, not only a work of art, but an attractive piece of street furniture that will be accessible for all to see and sit on, to contemplate the artist, Jane Austen or the scene and landscape where it is located. It will form part of a worldwide celebration of Jane Austen’s life.

This exciting project is a chance for artists to think about and interpret a whole range of ideas and themes that could be linked to Jane Austen, with a BookBench as their canvas, a piece of art that will be placed in and around places that she knew and landscapes that influenced her, accessible to all.

Wild in Art has worked on similar events all over the world and are renown for high quality, high profile and exciting events. Sitting With Jane will be their first event with a specific literary theme.

‘We are proud to be working with Destination Basingstoke on such a prestigious project.  We are delighted to see the wide range of designs and different interpretations of all aspects of Jane Austen’s important contribution to literature being brought to life and celebrated by artists.   The BookBench sculpture offers artists the opportunity to visually tell Jane Austen’s stories; the characters as well as her life and bring enjoyment to thousands of people from around the world”, said Sally-Ann Wilkinson, director of Wild in Art.




Mik Richardson

Mik Richardson is a Norfolk-based artist who has run his own mural, design and spray art workshop business since leaving...

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Jonathan Chapman

Jonathan is a professional artist and illustrator working with big colours and lots of detail. He finds new compositions through...

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Nick Murley

Nick is a highly experienced Scenic Designer and Artist, having designed productions of Cats, Sunset Boulevard, Phantom of the Opera...

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David Graham

‘I am Head of Creative Arts at an all girls’s school in Liverpool. I specialise in Graphic Design but experiment...

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Jane Veveris Callan

Jane is a painter printmaker based in Bath, she creates studio work often inspired by nature and has been involved...

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Katy Stevens

Katy Stevens is the creator of ‘Doodles’, a community based art gallery and creative workshop centre in her local town...

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Julia Brooker

Julia Brooker went to art college at the same time that her teenage son left home.  She had always wanted...

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Laura Fearn Baker

Laura Fearn is an artist, illustrator and designer based in Bath, Somerset where she lives with her young family. “I...

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Kieron Reilly & Lynsey Brecknell

Kieron Reilly and Lynsey Brecknell both have very different artistic backgrounds, Lynsey has developed a career in Theatre as a...

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Deven Bhurke

Deven Bhurke is a Hampshire based artist and graphic designer. He has a versatile style and known for creating fun...

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Caroline Fairbairn

“This project has made me fall in love with Jane Austen- what an inspiration and a local girl as well....

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Corinne Marsh

I live just over the fields from Steventon and often walk in the places that Jane Austen would have known....

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Fatima Pantoja

I am from Spain. After I finished my Fine Arts degree I moved to the UK to learn English 6...

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Sian Storey

Sian Storey is a Basingstoke based artist who is passionate about paint. Her work sits somewhere between fact and fiction....

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Traci Moss

Traci Moss is a painter, sculptor, maker and teacher who is based in West Sussex. She equally enjoys making new...

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Amy Goodman

Amy’s BookBench will be called ‘Jane and Her Forgotten Peers’ Amy Goodman, Artist in Residence at Winchester University has designed...

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Lois Cordelia

I love the idea of a BookBench, and am delighted to have had a design chosen for inclusion in the...

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