Artist Q&A with Jane Veveris Callan

Artist Jane Veveris Callan has created the event’s inaugural BookBench The House that Jane Built. Currently on display in the Marketing Suite on Basing View, Basingstoke, the BookBench can be viewed Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm.

What was the inspiration behind your BookBench?

The House that Jane Built

The House that Jane Built

I have always loved dolls’ houses and as Jane Austen’s stories epitomise life in regency England, I thought a doll’s house decorated and furnished in the regency style would illustrate her world in a fun way. The dolls in the house are imagined as typical characters in her books.

The title of my BookBench is ‘The House that Jane Built’ in recognition of the popularity and success of Jane Austen’s work, and also because my own name is Jane, and it’s the house I ‘built’ on the BookBench!

What’s the best thing about working on a 3D canvas like the BookBench?

I really enjoy the challenge of creating original designs on sculptures. It’s exciting to use the shape of the sculptural 3D canvas to inform and enhance the design, which adds another level of interest.

Top tips for working on 3D canvases:

Remember that the finished design will be seen from all angles, and should also both have impact from a distance and added interest when close-up.

Describe your BookBench in 3 words:

Regency Doll’s House.

What’s your creative process like?

I always have plenty of ideas, and the shape of the sculpture or thinking of suitable names/titles can spark ideas. I usually do a lot of sketches working through different themes, compositions, colourways etc.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

It’s brilliant to see the response to the sculpture trails when you’re on the street and on social media. It’s quite humbling to be part of an event that brings families and people of all ages together enjoying free public art in their local area or holiday destination, and also to feel that your work will support a wonderful charity.

My gorilla ‘Five Minutes to Midnight’ for The Great Gorillas Project was voted as the public’s favourite in the local newspaper.